Urban Strata Services Sydney

Urban Strata Services Sydney (USSS) offers Solutions in Strata Services in Sydney. We look after buildings and provide Strata Building Maintenance and Strata Cleaning Services to clients living in shared ownership schemes. Importantly USSS has other complementary services, including  building managers, cleaning services, gardening services, concierge and security services.

Our approach is what makes us good at what we do. It is proactive and brings a whole new level to the services we provide. Evidently, with strata services, we are the perfectionists in making everything look perfect. However, expect high strata service standards that is what we shout about most. Therefore, your feedback on the communal areas we service is key to our success.

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Strata management services are our expertise. All our staff are highly trained. But, more importantly, USSS loves making your buildings look perfect. We are members of the Strata Community Australia, EBIX Trade Monitors, and BSCAA.

Think Safety 

Being safe is at the forefront of what USSS does. Communal living means there are multiple people around. Importantly, you should know we never take any chances when it comes to people. We are fully insured and practise safety in everything we do for your peace of mind.


First of all, we provide quality strata services. Importantly a well-explained solution is what we offer that is transparent to everyone involved. However, our reputation is everything to USSS. In contrast, we are only as good as our last service thanks to you letting us know how we did.

Trust USSS

Of course, trust is only ever earned, and we are waiting on yours. However, expect high standards in everything we do.


Even so, the extra mile is what we do. Despite this and more to the point, if it needs doing, we do it. Be that changing a bulb or emptying the bin.


Nevertheless, what we quote is what you pay. We are professionals and speak openly and honestly. For this reason, there is no grey area with us. Additionally, the only surprise you'll get from us is how well we did the job.

Let's make strata services better.

Let USSS explain why you're feedback is vital to us. First of all, our staff get a clear picture of how they are doing. Secondly, we can address any underlying issues and bring them forward at the next strata meeting. Importantly, Issues that affect you can be discussed quickly and fixed. It is a win-win for everyone.

As an example, if we've just cleaned a common area. We'll post a card in everyone's mailbox. The card contains a QR code that will bring you to a specific website form for your building. It will say the services we performed today in your building. Decidedly as a resident of that Strata Building, You get to tell us how we are doing. Then, when the time comes for the next strata meeting, we can provide you with the submitted data.

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    Strata can work for everyone

    Undoubtedly, most people who live in a Residential apartment or work in a Commercial Building or Retail centre will use strata services. Because of your Strata Scheme, you'll have a provider service like USSS. The upkeep of those buildings and shared common areas are responsibilities we look after.

    Of course, your building, maintaining gardens, gyms, and the pool takes much of our daily time cleaning those areas. They need to be ready to use when you need them. However, we also have expertise in more complex air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical & solar issues. We are about making things suitable for you and the building you live or work in.

    Strata Services that work Testimonials

    In particular, I'm genuinely impressed. We asked USSS to take over our cleaning services. As a result, the building has never been so clean. Indeed, the attention to detail has made our building a better place to live. Strata Manager - Royal Park Appartments