Our expertise at USSS™ (Urban Strata Services Sydney) in delivering a high standard in a wide range of Strata Services include office and building facilities management services. At USSS™ our approach is clearly focused on delivering on-demand expert services. We provide optimal outcomes utilising our technology portal to enable all stakeholders to communicate in real time through an integrated platform. Importantly, we are proactively addressing any building issues in real time reflecting industry leading response times. Resident’s concerns can also be addressed through this avenue where their voice is heard. As a result we believe in providing more transparent building management services that can be accessed by both residents and concerned stakeholders.At USSS™ we focus on the solution and not the problems. Our approach enables a more cost effective solution for all. Your home is your most valuable asset. Let USSS™ protect and maintain the value of your asset in the years to come.

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As part of our expertise and our holistic approach to solving your buildings’ concerns, we have a database of available trades on hand to deal with the more complex issues that you may need, such as: 
  • construction defects;
  • air conditioning services;
  • plumbing & electrical services; and
  • electrical solar systems
We are about making life easier and problem-free for you and where you live, work and play.

Is it time for a change your Strata Cleaning Service

There is your current strata cleaning service and then there is our meticulous cleaning service. We pride ourselves on upholding a higher standard. Undoubtedly you're living or working in one of those buildings where you have noticed these poorer standards where the elevators, flooring and carpets are not clean and have a musty smell. Handrails and mirrors are grubby and not to mention the unsanitary common area lavatories!

If you have had enough, the time is now to try someone new. Our employees all have extensive years of experience and we have quality assurance procedures in place that ensure our employees all perform at their best for you. So if your Strata Services or Strata Manager, Property Manager or Corporate Owner needs shaking up then ask USSS™ - we are here to help.

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Now is the right time for a changeFor the most part, there is a disconnect in strata cleaning services and the expectations of residents. There is no point in being upset about a cleaning job that’s not done right. Let’s get it all out on the table and let USSS™ get the place in ship-shape! If the frequency of the strata cleaning services is inadequate for the building size, let USSS™ quickly fix this for you!

Concierge Services provide that level of extra care

Running any size commercial or residential building takes a lot of work, especially with an endless array of people streaming through the buildings. It can be challenging for any strata manager to keep everyone happy 100% of the time. When you ask USSS™, we will implement a tailored concierge service solution for your needs that will enable an outcome that will make your building a better place to live, work or play! 

USSS™ offers experienced concierge personnel that will have the appropriate people skills to assist and coordinate residents, visitors and tradespeople with their needs while constantly monitoring the premises to ensure a level of safety and security. More importantly, with USSS™, everyone in the building will notice the difference in the level of service provided!

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Ask USSS™. Absolutely! We can provide a customised concierge service offering for your needs to meet any concerns you have. We note that often times our solution ends problems such as those of inconsiderate visitors parking in private residents’ car spaces all the time. Let USSS™ help you!

At USSS™, we offer a broad range of strata services, one of which is our gardens and grounds maintenance. A neat and tidy lawn within the grounds of your building is a crucial element to keeping up the aesthetics of your property. Who doesn’t like a well maintained garden and neatly trimmed lawn on their property?

Almost all properties designed these days have common area gardens that require upkeep and maintenance. Our garden expert has personally received acclaim and local awards for their garden maintenance. So you need to ask USSS™ about our strata gardens and grounds maintenance service! Let USSS™ devise a maintenance program for you that will keep the kerb appeal of your property!

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Many of the common areas to strata properties require lawn care, pruning, trimming, hedging and even feeding & fertilising the plants. A significant benefit of using USSS™ is that as part of the cleaning of your building, which will occur more frequently than an adhoc gardening service, we will also ensure that the walkways and paths are clear of foliage which can create quite a mess in your common areas. Adhoc gardening services will not regularly remove the debris that is created continuously. It makes sense to ensure that you choose a strata cleaning service that will encompass the garden and grounds maintenance as well. For a picture perfect building, call USSS™ in to help!

Is your building security important to you?

Your building security is important to USSS™Have you asked USSS™ to review your building security systems?Urban Strata Services Sydney can offer a range of solutions to fit your needs, including –
  • CCTV system installation
  • Concierge services
  • Security monitoring services

We can offer a customised solution that will offer a safe and secure environment 24/7 for your most significant asset. Are you worried about how secure your building is? Has there been a security issue with your building? Is it time to implement new security measures? Ask USSS™! We will review your systems and provide a tailored solution that is customised to your needs.

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At the heart of everything, everyone wants their building to be protected. Fundamentally, we all need to feel safe in our homes and want our homes protected. Our home is our sanctuary and safety is paramount in your home premises. Unfortunately, not much attention is given to security issues until there the need for it arises and a loss has been incurred.

Is it time to review your building’s security measures? Have you considered keyless entry systems which uses your biometrics? Such inclusions in your property can increase your property's value and in the long run may increase your resale value as well. Call USSS™ for a quote!

Think Safety

Safety is a paramount consideration as part of what we do. Communal living will necessarily mean there will be a multitude of people living in close proximity to one another and we never take lightly any safety concerns that are raised. Safety hazards if not removed will be brought to residents' attention. We are fully insured for your peace of mind.


The high standard of strata services that we provide can be attested to by the residents, strata owners, strata managers and property developers of the many buildings we have been caretaker for. We have a reputation for going above and beyond to do right by our client. Reputation is everything to USSS™.

Trust USSS™

Of course, trust is only ever earned, and we are waiting to earn yours. Expect high standards andexpect USSS™ to deliver in everything that we do.


The extra mile is what we do. If it needs doing, we will do it. Be that changing a bulb or wiping down themailboxes. You don’t need to expect any ‘extra fees’. If we say we are on the job, we are there rain,hail or shine. You can rely on USSS™ !


What we quote is what you pay. We are professionals and speak openly and honourably. There is no grey area with us. The only surprise you'll get from USSS™ is how well we did the job.

Let's make things better.

Your feedback is vital to USSS™, but let us explain. Firstly we get a clear picture of how our staff are doing. Secondly, we can address any underlying issues and bring them forward at the next strata meeting. Rather than feeling disgruntled, it means issues that affect you can be addressed. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

For example, if we've just cleaned a common area. We will pop in your mailbox, a business card with a QR code which will bring you to a specific website form for your building. On that form, it will list the services that were performed. As a resident of that strata building, you get to tell USSS™ how we are doing. Then, when the time comes for the next strata meeting, we can provide you with the submitted data, which means that any problems and performance issues get addressed. We believe in optimal outcomes for everyone.