Is it time for a change to your strata cleaning services provider

First of all, there is your current Strata Cleaning Service, and then there is our meticulous cleaning service. So let's be honest and say it is not the same standard of cleaning we uphold. Undoubtedly you're living or working in one of those buildings and notice these things. But, importantly, we do too!

The elevators carpets are not clean and have musty smells. Handrails and mirrors are grubby. Also, I'm not even going to mention the mailbox room. On the other hand, if you have had enough. Above all, it is time to try someone new. So what makes USSS™ different is that we train our employees to a certified level. So whether you are a Strata Manager, Property Manager or Corporate Owner in need of shaking up your current Strata Cleaning Service, ask USSS™; we we can help.

Send USSS™ Feedback

Kind of clever, right!

Once a month, we deliver a business card that contains a unique code on sites we work. The code takes you to  feedback form on the USSS™ website. The information collated will be presented at the next strata meeting. This is where everyone can make informed decisions based on real data.

Communications is key

For the most part, there is a disconnect in strata cleaning services. There is no point in being upset about a cleaning job that's not done right. Let's get it all out on the table and get this place ship-shape if the frequency of the Strata Cleaning Service is not enough for the size of the building. And we can quickly fix that.


We are about to get to that 100% Satisfied Guarantee. However, we need your help also to give us feedback. These properties, in most cases, are massive and need continuous cleaning. It will delight you to know that our teams are checking and scheduling tasks throughout the day.

Trust USSS™

When you do strata cleaning, you need the correct equipment. When you involve USSS™, we have the proper cleaning tools to polish shampoo or buff to keep those expensive finishes you've paid for looking clean and pristine. You'll be glad to know that all our staff will be beautifully dressed and clean also.

The best part.

Undoubtedly, the only surprise is that our services are cost-effective and offer the best value for money. However, your years of creeping premiums and the rising cost of living has most likely left the owners getting fat! and the cleaners less enthusiastic. Working with USSS™ is different. Our professional cleaning teams have worked with us for years and love their jobs. However, most importantly, they have pride in their work.


    Common Areas

    o Sum up, here are just a few of the Strata Cleaning Services we provide. Your front door and garden are what makes your building attractive to new buyers. We treat communal area like a hotel. Therefore, it should be spotless as it reflects the people who live here and your most valuable asset. USSS™ promises clean surfaces kept in showroom condition so you can feel proud of your investment.

    Cleaning Windows

    I mean, who likes dirty windows! It is frustrating when you live in a city that you can't just clean your windows often because of multi-story living. We understand this, and our feedback forms provide a little more happiness to residents regarding these tasks. At USSS™, we go that extra mile to keep things the way you like them.

    Management of Waste

    The Bin room. Enough said, right! That is Okay; we get it! We know that clean has no smell, and with a bit of effort and our expertise in dealing with this, we can make that problem disappear.

    Simply cleaning the bin rooms on the day of collection and jet hosing the bins can make that whole experience better for everyone. Furthermore, our trained strata cleaners will ensure that any hazardous waste materials are safely managed. Your peace of mind is essential, and we know how to deal with this.

    The Smaller Things

    Look, it's not rocket science, and when we pass, we change the bulb if it's blown. It is part of what we do. However, we already have you covered for those more minor things, and we can't clean to our standards if we cant see. So, for this reason, don't expect invoices unless we need to get an electrician involved.

    Carpark and Driveway Care

    These are vital parts of your building's image. But, in addition, we pay particular attention to keeping them the way they should look. Jet Hosing down paths blowing the green waste are just standards we believe. Nobody likes filth, especially USSS™.

    Cleaning Areas

    Subsequently, a clean Elevator or Staircase is an essential part of a building looking clean. The constant use of those front-facing areas which can have high traffic can become very worn quickly. Our feedback forms allow you to communicate this with USSS™, and we can get a painter in regularly to keep everything looking sharp.