Your building is your biggest asset, and it needs to be looked after.

Have you asked USSS™, To review your buildings security systems? Urban Strata Services Sydney can offer you various applications, including CCTV Concierge or guard, to a complete 24/7 safe and secure environment for your most significant investment.

Importantly, you asked the question of how secure your building is? Undoubtedly, all the newer buildings have high tech security systems, which can sometimes make older buildings outdated.

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However, at the heart of everything, everyone wants their building to be protected. As well as that when people feel safe, this becomes the best kind of environment. Unfortunately, insufficient security added with old keyless entries systems can lower your property's value and increase insurance premiums.

Think Safety

It makes perfect sense to upgrade your security solutions for your building; either way, you'll be paying for it. So why not invest in those security services to ensure your buildings security services are safe and your most valued asset is protected.


In particular, it pays to have a secure building in more ways than one. Peace of mind should be at the core of everyone's home. Nevertheless, ask USSS™ about your buildings security and how we can make things better for everyone.

Trust USSS™

We have years of experience in building sites, residential or commercial property, providing security services. Our years of experience are sure to pay a dividend to your buildings security environment.


Unfortunately, a lot of the security services industry has a low level of entry. Importantly, this means that choosing experienced good firms can be complex. At USSS™, we've use providers we know are trusted and have been doing fantastic for years. As a result, we have the security teams and staff ready and available when you need them.


We can assist at various levels, from the design to the installation. Furthermore, we can help you implement onsite patrols, 24-hour concierge desk staff, remote or local monitoring, and, more importantly, a CCTV system that works and is well maintained.

Let's make things better.

A modern building security solution will be a deterrent against vandalism, theft, and misguided youths being a nuisance. It also helps the police with their investigations. Over the years, we've seen how it has helped with domestic violence and criminals cases where undesirables end up living in your building.