Concierge Services make everyone feel great

First of all, running any size commercial building takes lots of work, especially with multiple people coming and going all the time.

It can be challenging for strata managers to keep everyone happy 100% of the time. Accordingly, when you ask USSS™, we put a management process in place.

Nevertheless, excellent concierge services will make your building a better place to live. Above all, USSS™ offers an experienced concierge that is great at assisting residents with what they want.

More importantly, everyone in the building will notice the difference. For example, having someone to coordinate people to where amenities are.

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Ask USSS™. Absolutely; we can provide tailored Concierge Services for the needs of your building. It should be noted, that it ends lots of those problems, like inconsiderate visitors parking in private car space.

Think Safety

Furthermore, Concierge Services can also help direct delivery drivers with the correct procedures to not interrupt everyday life. Moreover, at USSS™, communication is at the core of what we do. Therefore, we work closely with the Building Committee and Building Strata Managers to ensure our concierge provides the care needed for residents.


Unquestionably, with everyone been so time-poor these days, a concierge will get residents precisely what they want. Of course, depending on the level of service your residents request. But, importantly, USSS™ can tailor those specific Concierge Services to the service you require.

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Of course, Concierge Services are an excellent way to help people. But, as well as that, we have all experienced that nice hotel with their extra touch of professionalism. Where there are people, Concierge Services can assist them, specifically with the need to know things to make life easier.


USSS™ concierge services:Explaining systemsBylaws to residentsBuilding SecurityEmergency proceduresKey accessIntercom access controlMonitoring leaning servicesParcel deliveryVisitor parkingTrades' accessProviding informationA friendly face to guestsBuilding Management


It is an excellent choice to ask USSS™ how to make a living in your building better. Moreover, USSS™ will ensure your building is a safe and secure environment for our residents, so they enjoy the lifestyle they deserve. In addition, whatever the needs of the occupants are in your building. In addition, it's of the utmost importance that you make an effort to meet them.

Let's make things better.

Your feedback is vital to USSS™; however, let us explain. Firstly we get a clear picture of how our staff are doing. Secondly, we can address any underlying issues and bring them forward at the strata meeting.

As a consequence of residents just grumbling, it means addressing issues that affect Strata Problems can resolve you. Therefore it is a win-win for everyone involved. Admittedly, we are doing those things that bug you, and you're getting those issues fixed.

Whereas if we've just cleaned a common area, we will pop a business card in all the mailboxes. Each card has a QR code to bring you to a specific website form for your building. As a result, on that form, it will say the services we performed.

Notably, as a resident of that Strata Building, you get to tell us how well we performed. In particular at the next strata meeting. At this time, we provide you with the submitted data. In addition to this means any problems and performance issues get addressed. At USSS™, we believe in optimal outcomes that make peoples lives better.