Building management made easy

Most importantly, USSS (Urban Strata Services Sydney) offer expertise while delivering Strata Services. Including building facility management services.

Clearly, and focused on service, we take a new approach. Even so, we provide optimal outcomes using our feedback portal. Best of all, this enables everyone to communicate at a much higher level. Importantly, we are proactively addressing any buildings issues while involving the resident's concerns.

As a result, we believe in more transparent building management services. Importantly, we are addressing issues of your building management services while protecting your most valuable asset.

Secondly, our open approach enables a more cost-effective solution for Residents and stakeholders.

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Nevertheless, to emphasise, USSS has the skills and knowledge to assist. Despite this, we are everyday problems we all face when living in a strata scheme. Be that building defects, key access systems or the cleaning and upkeep of communal areas.

Harmony is bliss

Suppose you are living in a Residential or Commercial Building or Retail. It is most likely you have a Strata Scheme. At USSS, we are responsible for the upkeep of those shared common areas.

Of course, much of our daily work is cleaning those common areas. For example, maintaining gardens, gyms, and pool areas are ready to use when you need them.

However, we also have the correct trades on hand to deal with more complex issues, like Construction defects, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical & solar. We are about making things suitable for you and the building you live in.


Additionally, our team is always on hand and proactively working to reach those high standards. With that in mind, our feedback portal provides you with accurate data. We will bring this feedback to the owners at the next strata meeting.

Everyones inthe loop

What's more, we'll keep everyone updated on the portal page. So, everyone is kept in the loop and updated. On the other hand, we are addressing those building issues that residents have. USSS is focused on better building management and a happier place to live.

This is how toget things done

Accordingly, reliability is at the core of what we do best. However, we go the extra mile. We want to excel at any service we do within your building. Furthermore, after we've completed any assistance in your building, USSS will post a feedback card so you can let us know how we did.

Transparency is best for everyone

As a result of your feedback, we can better understand and provide better service for all building residents. Additionally, feedback is vital at the successive strata committee meeting to illustrate what everyone is looking to improve.

Accountability with high standards

To sum up, USSS delivers a high standard that conforms to all building codes and regulations. Therefore, the one thing you can be assured of is that your most expensive asset will be looked after.

Nonetheless, let's make things better.

For instance, let USSS explain why you're feedback is vital to us. First of all, our staff get a clear picture of how they are performing. Secondly, we can address any underlying issues and bring them forward for everybody's attention.

Indeed, there is no point grumbling to yourself! Importantly, Issues that affect you can be quickly addressed; it is a win for everyone.

Evidently, as an example, if we've just cleaned a common area. Then, we'll post a feedback card in everyone's mailbox. Notably, the card contains a QR code that brings you to a website page for your building. Furthermore, it says the services we performed today in your building.

Decidedly as a resident of that Strata Building. Importantly, you get to tell us how we are doing. Furthermore, when the time comes for the next strata meeting. We will provide you with the submitted data. So we know we are listing to everyone's opinions.

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