General Questions

Issues can be considered, decided and actioned by the owner’s corporation. These include bylaw breaches, inappropriate use of common property, problems with repairs and maintenance and concerns about a strata managing agent.

Speak with your strata manager, write to your strata committee, or access your strata scheme’s internal dispute resolution process. Write to the secretary requesting that the issue is at the next committee meeting.

Suppose you live in a strata-titled property and have been unable to resolve a dispute through mediation. In that case, you can apply for the matter to be heard by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

It is possible to terminate your strata scheme by lodging an application with the Registrar General on dealing with the Termination of a strata scheme.

Can you manage your strata on your own? Well, the short answer is yes. But, of course, you can, and many strata owners are doing this already, as you’re not legally required to engage a strata manager.

The Owners Corporation is formerly known as the Body Corporate in NSW. The governing entity that looks after the Strata Scheme in entirety. Therefore, this entity has a critical position in the running of a Strata Scheme.

The strata fees cover everything that will ensure your property and the building remains in good shape. The strata management’s responsibility is to pay for these expenses, including maintenance, insurance, management fees, repairs and upkeep of utilities need for the building.

Generally, a larger property will hold more units than a smaller property in the same strata scheme. Therefore, when the owner’s corporation determines the levy payable, they will divide the budgeted target by the total number of units.

Strata Building Management Questions

When purchasing within a strata scheme, many owners in New South Wales become members of the Owners Corporation Scheme. However, much like an incorporated business, an Owners Corporation can be sued in its name rather than through members.

Check out your options. Research professional strata managers and obtain quotes. Consult a lawyer to assist with this.

Your strata manager also handles issues and complaints between residents and raises these with the Executive Committee for resolution. A Building Manager, or Caretaker, is usually stationed onsite at a building and performs daily cleaning and maintenance services within the context of strata management.

A person, including an owner, may also sue a strata corporation. Thus, all the owners must unanimously decide for any matter regarding the common property, the common assets, the bylaws.

No, an owner must pay strata levies independent of any other matter between the owner and the body corporate.

Strata Cleaning Services Management Questions

The owner’s corporation is responsible for maintaining the window, provided the windows do not fall under the remit of the relevant owner under an exclusive-use bylaw.

If your bin is provided by your local council, a housing association, or a waste management company, then you’ll need to get in touch with them and report it missing. If the committee provided the container, check on their website for full details; there’s usually an online form to submit your request.

The owner is responsible for the Mould on their walls. The supply of electricity is the owner’s corporation’s responsibility. However, the owner’s responsibility is any cabling within the unit’s internal walls that only services the individual lot.

Cleaning services cover ongoing maintenance and cleaning of buildings like office spaces, schools, and industries. In contrast, commercial cleaning involves more extensive, deep-cleaning tasks performed once a few times a year.

Carpet cleaning, vacuum and clean at the same time. Ask your appointed cleaner whether or not you need to vacuum before cleaning.

Strata Concierge Services Management Questions

Yes, they accept deliveries, including packages, furniture and appliances or arranging access to your property under your instructions.

The committee can provide dry-cleaning, newspaper delivery, transport, local area information, event bookings, or even ordering flowers, depending on what the committee has asked.

They will coordinate with the relevant removalists to ensure your move is as smooth as possible.

Yes, provided it is under your consent, and you have clearly instructed the concierge.

Not as such; however, he will have access to the CCTV and keep a sharp eye out for anything that does not look normal and call the police.

Strata Gardening and Grounds Services Management Questions

Regularly maintaining a garden involves many things, including Lawn care, mowing, strimming, laying, weeding. Applying fertilisers and pesticides.

Yes, moss often grows in the wet and cold season and needs to be washed off pathways to ensure it is safe to walk on. Provided it has been included in the original agreements with the strata committee.

Yes, Provided you have requested with the strata manager and the committee, you can assist the professional gardeners we provided.

No, cutting trees must be done in accordance with the strata plan and local councils. You’ll need to ask the strata manager for approval.

Provided you’ve checked, it is okay with everyone; the flowers are there to make your grounds look pretty.

Strata Security Services Management Questions

Yes, Of course, It is perfectly legal as long as you have professionals do the task. Always ask the strata manager.

Absolutely, nobody is allowed in the property in Australia while rented without your consent or prior written communication or court order.

Most importantly, ask the strata manager. It may be reasonable for them to limit the number of keys allowed for each lot in the scheme for security reasons.

Ask the strata manager or the concierge. They will help you gain access.