Strata Garden & Ground Maintenance. Ask USSS™ how!

At USSS™, we offer a broad range of maintenance services. One of been Garden and Ground maintenance. A tidy garden within the grounds within your building is a crucial element to keeping things looking beautiful. And who doesn't like a well-maintained garden and grounds within your facility?

You need to ask USSS™ about our strata garden and ground maintenance. First of all, most buildings designed these days have common garden areas that need upkeep. It is up to your strata manager and USSS to maintain the care of your building structure.

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Typical services we offer are our lawn care and pruning and trimming the hedging and feeding plants. However, one of the significant benefits of using USSS™ is that we can help clean your building. For example, we can ensure the walkways are clear of foliage while cleaning those common areas we all share. Therefore, it makes good sense to ensure you choose a strata cleaning company that covers the internals and offers garden and ground maintenance.

Think Safety

Being safe is at the forefront of what we do. Communal living means there are multiple people around, and we never take chances with anybody's life. You'll be glad to know that we are fully insured for your peace of mind.


When you ask USSS™ to maintain your garden and grounds, we look at your living area as if it was our own. We believe those common areas should be well kept, especially here in Australia.

Trust USSS™

Let's face it if you have friends around your home or have a BBQ with friends. Of course, you don't want to be cleaning up before they come. But, as tenants and residents, you are paying to have this area kept clean.


As your garden and grounds care designated professionals, we take care of all those garden needs. The seasons play a huge role here. In the summertime, grass and hedging need more attention. While in Wintertime, we will be pruning and mulching to stop weed growth.


Safety is at the heart of everything we do. If we see something that could cause an accident, we address that issue immediately.

Ask USSS™ about your Garden and Grounds Care

Many Strata Buildings and residential estates have hedging, which looks beautiful and creates screening and privacy. Keeping your building and grounds beautiful make it a much safer place. It is also crucial that we make the most of those beautiful plants while they are flowering. Having that perfect strata garden and ground maintenance strategy will ensure your grounds are immaculate.


    We do much more than the Gardens!

    There is so much more to consider with all gardens in Australia regarding strata gardens and ground maintenance. We have those hot temperate climates, and weeds grow like no tomorrow during the rainy seasons.

    At USSS™, we like to stay on top of the garden and ground maintenance, and we have the expertise to know-how. Our gardeners are all professionally trained horticulturists and experts in knowing when the lawn or plants need watering or fertiliser.

    Staying on top of Pest Control is crucial for any building.

    Unfortunately, as beautiful as it is, the garden can harbour some nasty surprises when living in a strata building. At USSS™, we have gardeners, cleaners and building maintenance experts at hand. A trained eye is always on the lookout for signs of pests before they move into your home. Importantly they deal with it before it becomes a big issue for everyone. It just shows that having the right team like USSS™ can save everyone a lot of headaches in the long run.

    You'll be seeing USSS™ do this lots.

    Part of what we do is the high-pressure cleaning of paths and main walkways around your building. Believe it or not, what is outside can build up dirt on the inside of your structure. So we high pressure clean those areas regularly to keep your most valuable asset clean. Importantly, this also saves on cleaning costs; you'll be glad to hear as well as making the outside areas look brilliant.

    Qualified Teams

    When choosing a strata Garden and maintenance company, you'll need to ensure they are as qualified as USSS™. We have over 40 years of experience and clients equally happy as the day we started 40 years ago. Our expertise and years of doing this make us the leader in Strata Garden and Ground Maintenance. We look after building in various sizes. However, we apply the same rigorous amount of detail to everything we do. We are perfectionists.

    The Right Tools for the right job

    Indeed, we are also armed with all new equipment that gets the job done faster and of higher quality. Importantly if something breaks down, we can access the tools from one of our other sites. Thus, ensuring schedules get kept.

    Key Feedback

    In addition, the best part about USSS™ is the feedback business card we post in everyone's letterbox. Again, a unique QR code that links you to your building address. Importantly, we save that feedback as it makes everyone better. An open line of communication is so valuable at committee meetings. However, it is a win for everyone. Decidedly, we get better at what we do, and you get those problems you'd like to address. So ask USSS™ today how we can get your Garden and Grounds looking the way they should.